HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL was created to be a cool gathering environment for high school
students. As we progress, you'll find everything you could possibly think of and more....

We've just added a brand-new TEEN CITY, new free teen classifieds, new sites for African-American, Asian-American, Latino youth and Jewish and Christian teens, an exciting Celebrate Radio 24/7 stream of our very own,   
..a new Teen Cafe and Hot Teen Stuff....and, if all goes well soon,
we'll also have the live HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL Web chat you've asked for! So be sure to
bookmark us and help spread the word about all our great new stuff!

HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL will soon feature more real fun stuff (chat, games, contests,
projects to help people, teen journalism, and way cool 'Net links) as well as tuff subjects
(dating, dealing with parents, prejudice, school, and community violence prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, technology, ecology, college admissions) and even stuff about life in the

There will be jammin' music news and hot entertainment links. A Teen Speak-out
and ways to GET INVOLVED and make a difference.

We'll have a different featured high school, activity, personal home page, school paper,
or project each semester and YOU can nominate a student or a teacher of the year.
Just be sure to tell us why they are really cool!

But the way coolest thing about HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL is YOU...
so make sure you bookmark us and spread the word at school and among your friends....
If your school has a Web page, ask your webmaster to add a link to us.

And be sure to see our new E-Greetings page
where you can send 200 electronic postcards right now, our new Teen Music / Art Resources,
our Teen Help-411 site, and our Shop Online to Help kids! site, our super-cool Teensurfer Web site!


More of our web sites!

Jewish Teens Online

Christian Teens Online 

Asian-American Teens

Latino Youth

   African-American Teens

Teen City (local sites-10 cities)


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