FAMILYSURFER, the new monthly family Internet service, sponsored by Streetcats Foundation and National Children's Coalition, is starting this summer!

You'll SAVE $3.00-$4.00 each month ($35-$40 a year), plus get built-in safesurf filters and the exclusive new KIDSURFER and TEENSURFER and FAMILY SURFER search engines -- the only ones created by Net editors of a non-profit children's organization. In addition, you'll get listings of local family events in your city, parents, kids, teens, and teacher chat, local access points, fast, unlimited access, email, and much, much more...

...and, while you SAVE money, 25% of your monthly Internet fee will actually go to doing something good by helping at-risk children/youth across the country!

You can also raise funds for your local community and children's groups by just getting friends, school mates, teachers, and those at your local volunteer organization, business, church, or synagogue to sign up too!

For information about signing up, just email us 

National Children's Coalition