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Jillian , 16, Farwell Area High School, Mich.

Ryce , 13, West Point, Ms.

Courtney  Campbell Middle School, San Jose, Ca.

EE , Port Hardy, Canada

Trina., Juan Crespi Jr. High

Lenny  (

Delores, 13, Hamilton Township, NJ.

Kit and Lillian  & Lauren, Wildwood

Emily AKA "Gopher Freak," 13

Kelli 13, Huntsville, AL

Beth , 13, Hamilton Hgts School, Cicero, In

Matt, 14, Fredonia, NY

Heidi r, Tucson, Az

Bridey, 17, Eugene, OR


Allison,16, McLean, VA

Sarah  14, Madison, OH

Caitlin  11, Bethlehem, Pa

Miriam , 12, Germantown,TN

Cheris , 17, Dana Point, CA

J. , Maritime Provinces, Canada

Emily , London Ontario, Canada

Jarad, 13, Oceanside, N.Y.

Leah, 13, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

Russell  11, Houston, TX


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